We’re The Bingman Family!

Eagle Eye is a family-owned and operated business focused on helping clients find their dream business. Our mission is to create a legacy for not only ourselves but for our clients as well.
Ryan and his family have over 30 years’ of experience in Executive Management, Franchising, Insurance Brokerage, and Medical Field Specializations. Ryan has a Masters in Business Administration, his wife Keara is a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Nursing, and his daughter Maci has a Bachelors in Interactive Media Studies. In addition to their combined knowledge, the Bingman family also owns a successful medical spa and property development business.
Eagle Eye is committed to helping our clients find their dream business. Connect with us today to start yours!

Meet Maci Bingman, President/Lead Broker and Coach here at Eagle Eye Brokers. 

Maci is a highly motivated, innovative, humble, and values-centered professional with extensive volunteer, sales, and marketing experience. Known for posting impressive increases in sales and customer experiences, particularly valuable to growth-oriented organizations looking for an honest, dependable, and goal-focused professional who has a high standard for self-accountability.

“I believe anyone can become a business owner if they are willing to invest and take a risk on themselves.

Throughout my learnings and findings in this industry, I strive to help individuals achieve their career goals, whether they be big or small!”

A woman sitting at a table with her laptop.

Maci Bingman


My Approach

Interpersonal Relationships

Building personal relationships with my clients is essential because it fosters trust and open communication, enabling us to better understand the unique needs and goals you have. This deeper connection allows for tailored, effective financial advice and solutions. 

Feedback and Accountability

Our services are not one-way streets. They require our clients to actively participate throughout the entirety of process. I provide feedback and hold my clients accountable for taking the necessary steps to achieve their career goals.

How Do I Know if Career Guidence is Right for Me?

If you are facing challenges like feeling unhappy or stuck in your current career, struggling with career direction, needing help with skill development, wanting to transition to a new field, or seeking guidance on job searching and networking. Eagle Eye can provide tailored support and expertise to address these concerns and help you achieve your career objectives.